Sinus lift


A sinus lift describes a special form of bone augmentation in dental surgery, which is done in the area of the maxillary (upper) posterior teeth.

The term sinus lift is composed of:

  • Maxillary sinus = upper sinus
  • Lift = to lift, to raise

Therefore, it is a technique in which the maxillary sinus, which is located above the maxillary posterior teeth, is lifted. By lifting the maxillary sinus floor, it creates a cavity that is filled with new bone. This new bone is used to stably anchor the implant.

Internal Sinus Lift

In most cases, we utilize the internal sinus lift, which is performed internally through the bone socket of the freshly extracted tooth or via the drilling hole. This is a very gentle and minimally invasive method of bone augmentation in the lateral upper jaw. By gently tapping with osteotomes, the floor of the sinus is lifted, providing excellent anchorage for the implant. The created void is filled with blood and later with stable autogenous bone. Bone gain of up to 5 mm is possible with this method.

External Sinus Lift

The external sinus lift, also known as the lateral sinus lift, involves lifting the sinus cavity not through the bone socket or drilling hole but through a laterally positioned bone window. Both the fenestration of the jawbone and the careful detachment of the sinus membrane can be carried out minimally invasively and atraumatically using piezoelectric surgery. The void formed (below the sinus membrane) is filled with the patient’s collected autogenous bone through the lateral access. This technique is employed when there is very little bone available for implant anchorage.

In the majority of instances, we can attain robust implant stability through the internal sinus lift, eliminating the need for additional bone augmentation. Naturally, the internal and external sinus lifts can be combined with immediate implantation. This allows for the avoidance of unpleasant multiple interventions despite limited bone, enabling the patient to reach the goal quickly and uncomplicatedly.

Dr. Josephine Phillips

For sinus lifts, we take an atraumatic approach and use autologous bone or compatible bone substitutes. We will be happy to help you.

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