Bone augmentation / Bone Graft of the upper and lower jaw

Bone grafting

If bone height and bone width are not sufficient for a dental implant, a bone augmentation can be performed in the upper jaw and lower jaw.
From a health point of view, it is of great advantage to use autogenous bone, if possible. Bone chips or a bone block serve as autogenous bone (one’s one bone).
The bone chips are preferably collected in a sterile bone collector (e.g. Safescraper) and inserted into the bone defect without contamination.
A special form of bone augmentation in the maxilla (upper jaw) is the so-called sinus lift.

  • Sinus Lift

    Sinus lift is a special type of bone augmentation that can be performed in the maxillary sinus area to provide more bone.


Dr. Josephine Phillips

A Bone augmentation may be necessary prior to implant placement. The correct material and a careful approach are essential.

Dr. Josephiene Phillips Dentist Winterthur

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