CaviTAU® - Ultrasound Diagnostics of the Jawbone

CaviTAU® ultrasound diagnostics

CaviTAU® is a procedure that uses ultrasound to determine the density of the jawbone. As this method does not use X-rays, there is no health risk from ionizing radiation. CaviTAU® can be used to reliably and reproducibly diagnose chronic inflammations such as FDOJ/NICO. It therefore offers valuable support for CBCT/3D X-rays.

Field of Application

The CaviTAU® was developed for the diagnosis of inflammations throughout the entire jaw area.

The following pathological processes can be visualized:

Function of CaviTAU®

The technology of CaviTAU® is based on ultrasound waves that penetrate the jawbone at different speeds. The speed depends on the density and composition of the tissue. Matter with a high water, fat, or softened bone tissue content is penetrated more slowly than denser and healthier bone. The device has a transmitter (ultrasound is emitted) and a receiver (ultrasound is received). The data is analyzed and presented as a colored image.

Advantages of CaviTAU®

  • CaviTAU® offers a qualitative and reproducible determination of jawbone density
  • Hidden jaw inflammations, known as Silent Inflammations, which can impact health, can be diagnosed
  • Radiation-free diagnostics before and after surgeries and assessment of implant success

Disadvantages of CaviTAU®

  • Difficult to handle. Trained personnel with sufficient know-how is a prerequisite
  • Occasional gag reflex during examination of wisdom tooth areas
  • Examination is challenging for male patients with facial hair. Even a 3-day beard poses a problem and should be shaved before the diagnosis
  • Make-up can also distort the values and should be removed before the examination
  • Expensive consumables, leading to an increase in the price per examination

Dr. med. dent. Tobias Steinherr M. Sc.

FDOJ / NICO can be reliably detected with the help of CaviTAU®. Our team will be happy to help you.

Dr. Tobias Steinherr Dentist St. Gallen

Frequently Asked Questions about CaviTAU®

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The only thing to remember: no make-up or tinted face cream / no beard.

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