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Welcome to the Practice for Biological Dentistry, your dentist in Winterthur. Our expertise allows us to treat even complex cases in the best possible way.

For your health

Biological Dentistry in St. Gallen

We cover the entire range of modern dentistry oriented towards health. Dental materials and methods can often put a strain on the body. Our concept is to avoid the unnecessary toxification of the body, and to use all possibilities to strengthen it.

We do not consider the teeth and the oral cavity as a separate part of the body, but see it as biologically interconnected. In addition, we strive for the highest standards of aesthetics, durability and precision. For this, we take sufficient time for each step of the treatment process.

I have been looking for holistic dentistry for a long time and finally I found it! Also, the whole team is very friendly and everything is in the center of St. Gallen. Highly recommended.

Yolanda Rodríguez

I can really warmly recommend this dental practice! All my life I have been afraid of dentists and have never felt so comfortable and well advised as here. Dr. Hein and his team have advised me holistically and competently.

GMS_ANDY_39 / e-Xhaust TV

If you are looking for holistic dentistry, you have come to the right place. Dr. Hein is by far the best dentist for me and my family and the rest of the dental team is also on the same level! Our daughter is no longer afraid of the dentist after the first treatment with Dr. Hein :)

Olivia Hermann

Very sympathetic team of two that have earned their 5 stars. Pleasant visit, great treatment and with completely acceptable costs. Everything was explained in advance - what will be done and what it would cost.

Fabio Siegmann

In my long history of suffering with dental problems this is the best and only dentist (out of 8 different ones) that I can recommend with a clear conscience. From the appointments, to the way they work, to the care they provide during and after the treatments, to the final billing, everything has been done in an exemplary manner. One simply feels comfortable. I am happy.

Linda Besmer

Many thanks to Dr. Hein and his assistant! Pleasant, sympathetic, very friendly and humorous. I have never had such a pleasant visit to the dentist. His materials are natural and free of fluoride, which I appreciate very much and was the reason I chose this practice, where I will stay.


What a surprise this dentist visit was! Even among the Bio-Dentists that I have been to, Dr. hein and his assistant are a positive exception for me. I was able to experience how important my health is. Also, the team works according to ethical principles: they do what is necessary, no more, no less, and consistently work biologically/holistically.


As a patient, I feel that I am taken seriously here and the holistic approach to the treatment has really convinced me. Many thanks to Dr. Hein and his team.

Mr B

Absolutely competent and goal-oriented and without toxins, everything organic, what more could you wish for. I highly recommend! Thanks Dr. Hein


Specialized in Biological Dentistry

Our Team of Experts in St. Gallen


The treatments we offer combine biocompatible materials and effective methods to improve and strengthen your health in the best possible way.

We are here to assist you

Our dental practice is located directly in St. Gallen, above the Bahnhofpärkli Rotpunkt pharmacy. Parking is available close by - the Rathaus parking garage and the Manor parking garage are only a few meters from the practice. You can reach us easily by car and by train in St. Gallen.

Dentist St. Gallen

Poststrasse 23
9000 St. Gallen

Office hours

Monday – Friday:
9 – 17 h
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Biological & Integrative

For our patients

Our goal and motivation is to offer ideal treatment results and improve your overall health.

  • Health

    Your health is our priority and during every treatment we take care to support it in the best possible way. We achieve this through a proven concept and experienced and specialized experts in dentistry.

  • Effectiveness

    Even complete dental restorations, with bone grafts and bite elevation, can be completed in just a few sessions.

  • Quality

    Every examination and treatment is performed with dental loupes (magnifying glasses and headlight). We allow sufficient time for each treatment step. Our ultimate goal is to offer the best quality.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee that the ceramic implants placed heal firmly and without inflammation in the jawbone.

  • Aesthetics

    Dental prostheses should blend in aesthetically and reflect the beauty of the patient's natural teeth.

  • Prophylaxis

    Our prophylaxis concept is designed to optimize and stabilize the oral bacterial flora. As a result, the bacterial flora is balanced and pathological processes in the oral cavity occur less frequently.

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A strong network and strict quality management offer our patients ideal quality, which is constantly optimized.