Dental prostheses


A dental prosthesis is used to replace a broken or removed tooth with crowns, bridges, implants or dentures.
These types of treatments are always necessary when a tooth needs to be partially or completely replaced due to decay, periodontitis or an accident.
The term dental prosthesis should be differentiated from tooth preservation. Tooth preservation is the process in which a tooth is treated, for example, with a composite filling or ceramic filling. Dental prostheses can be categorized into fixed and removable prostheses.

  • Ceramic Implant

    Ceramic implants offer an excellent solution for a missing tooth.

    Ceramic implant
  • Ceramic Crown

    If the natural crown of the tooth is badly damaged, a ceramic crown can restore the correct tooth anatomy and stabilize the tooth.

    Ceramic crown
  • Ceramic Bridge

    If a tooth has to be extracted, the gap of the missing tooth can be filled with a ceramic bridge. The neighboring teeth are ground and prepared for the bridge.

    Ceramic bridge
  • Dental Prosthesis

    A denture is a removable dental prosthesis, which has various disadvantages compared to a fixed prosthesis.


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