Our Main Focus

At Alpine BioDental, we focus on all aspects of biological dentistry. Our specialists have extensive experience in ceramic implantology, oral surgery (e.g. impacted wisdom teeth) and the treatment of TMD.

Healthy teeth and gums always go hand in hand with beautiful dental aesthetics. A correct position of the temporomandibular joints and physiological bite height define a harmonious facial shape, attractiveness and aesthetics. Therefore, aesthetic dentistry is also one of our main areas of focus.

In order to meet the high biological, functional and aesthetic requirements, our patients' dental restorations are produced by our in-house dental laboratory. The dental laboratory is managed by experienced master dental technicians and is equipped with the latest technology. Complex restorations, including the regeneration of temporomandibular joints and anatomically correct reconstruction of the bite can be carried out at the highest level.

With our experienced specialists, refined practice concept and the complete integration of dental technology into the workflow, we are able to provide our patients with uncompromising dental care.

  • All in One

    With the All In One method, a large dental restoration can be performed in one session.

    All in One
  • Ceramic Implant

    Ceramic implants offer an excellent solution for a missing tooth.

    Ceramic implant
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    If wisdom teeth do not have enough space or are inflamed, a wisdom tooth extraction is advisable.

    Wisdom tooth surgery
  • Fixed teeth in a day

    Fixed teeth in one day" offers edentulous patients an effective treatment with the best chewing comfort and aesthetics.

    Solid teeth in one day
  • Sinus Lift

    Sinus lift is a special type of bone augmentation that can be performed in the maxillary sinus area to provide more bone.

  • Bone Augmentation / Graft

    Bone augmentation or bone graft is a method of building up and restoring the jaw bone, which may be necessary before placing a dental implant.

    Bone grafting

    A FDOJ or NICO is a fatty degenerative bone inflammation and can be detected with CaviTAU® diagnostics.

  • Jaw Inflammation

    There are different types of jaw inflammation, which can cause various symptoms. Generally, if inflammation is present, there is also a reduction of jaw bone.

    Jaw inflammation
  • Amalgam Removal

    Old amalgam fillings can release a lot of mercury. Removal is advisable only under protection.

    Remove amalgam filling
  • Ceramic

    Ceramic fillings are long-lasting and have an ideal compatibility.

    Ceramic filling
  • General Anesthesia

    With the help of general anesthesia, treatment can be performed in deep sleep. This is especially recommended for patients with dental anxiety.

    General anesthesia dentist
  • TMJ / TMD

    TMJ or temporomandibular dysfunction is a disorder of the masticatory system, which can lead to far-reaching health consequences.

  • Aesthetics

    Dental aesthetics include treatments that provide patients with natural-looking prostheses.


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