All in One

All in One

With the all-in-one concept, major surgical procedures can be performed safely and with low risk, within one session.

Most patients who need many extractions or are missing many teeth want a quick, safe and fixed dental restoration. In addition, the procedure should cause as little stress to the body as possible and should lead to any complications.

In such complex implantological situations we offer the all-in-one concept, in which the complete surgical part is performed in only one session. In this case, the missing teeth, as well as extracted teeth, are immediately replaced with ceramic implants and fitted with long-term temporaries (provisionals).

Ideal Preparation

The focus is on optimizing the function of the immune system, bone regeneration, and wound healing to the best possible extent. It is also essential to ensure the establishment of a healthy oral flora.

Minimally Invasive, Safe Surgical Techniques

The goal is to minimize trauma as much as possible. Specialized techniques such as ultrasound surgery with the Piezotome or appropriate cutting and stitching methods are of particular importance.

Removal of Inflammatory Tissue and Disinfection

It is extremely important to completely remove inflammation from bone and soft tissue, preventing bacterial contamination of the wound. Disinfection is carried out using ozone.

Ideal Postoperative Care

The emphasis continues to be on the immune system, bone formation, and wound healing.

Through these measures, we provide patients with high protection. Complications are rare, and in the vast majority of cases, the use of painkillers and antibiotics, both intravenous and oral, can be avoided.

Dr. med. dent. Josephine Phillips

The all-in-one concept has various advantages for complex cases. We will be happy to help you.

Dr. Josephiene Phillips Dentist Winterthur

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