Periodontitis Diagnostics

Periodontitis diagnostics

A periodontitis diagnosis usually consists of measuring the gum pockets with a probe and taking X-ray images.
However, it is usually not enough to get a broad picture of the disease.

Periodontitis Diagnosis and aMMP8

aMMP8 stands for activated Matrix Metalloproteinase-8, an enzyme produced by immune cells, particularly granulocytes, when they come into contact with bacterial biofilms.
aMMP8 has the ability to break down peri-implant tissue by enzymatically cleaving the collagen of the gums and jawbone. This process facilitates more immune cells to reach biofilms and deposits, providing enhanced defense.

Impact of aMMP8 on Health

In many individuals, aMMP8 is produced in excessive amounts, leading to an aggressive and excessive destructive process that can result in the rapid loss of teeth.

Recent studies suggest that elevated levels of aMMP8 in the mouth may contribute to various health issues. High aMMP8 levels have been correlated with arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and various tumor diseases.

Therefore, regular and comprehensive periodontitis diagnostics are crucial.

aMMP8 for Early Detection

One intriguing aspect is that the aMMP8 level serves as a marker for the likelihood of future gum inflammation, periodontitis, or peri-implantitis. This enables effective precautions to be taken before the initial signs become apparent.

As aMMP8 is also suspected to negatively impact pregnancy outcomes (premature birth, low birth weight), checking aMMP8 before planned pregnancy is highly recommended.

Reducing aMMP8

The production of aMMP8 is a natural part of the immune system and challenging to control. However, research indicates a close relationship between oral bacteria flora and aMMP8. The poorer the oral bacterial flora, the more aMMP8 is produced by immune cells, leading to higher destruction of gums and bones. Therefore, it is crucial to build and maintain a healthy oral flora.

aMMP8 Measurement in the Dental Practice

In our dental practice, we can determine the aMMP8 level in our patients within minutes. This measurement does not require a blood sample; instead, it is conducted from saliva.

The quick testing allows for the identification of the risk of future periodontitis or peri-implantitis before the first symptoms appear.

Since aMMP8 also plays a role in overall health, necessary adjustments can be made before symptoms manifest.

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The a-MMP8 marker can be very helpful in diagnosing periodontitis. Our experts are available for you.

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