Biological Prophylaxis

Biological prophylaxis is a dental prophylaxis concept that is designed for lasting oral health and stability.

Many patients are familiar with this: every time you go to the dentist for a check-up, you may have another cavity, periodontitis or a broken tooth. This is very frustrating and does not indicate long-lasting dental health.

Biological prophylaxis aims to avoid exactly that and achieve a stable and long-lasting healthy condition of the oral cavity.


Who is biological prophylaxis suitable for?

Biological prophylaxis is suitable for patients who have recurring problems in the oral cavity and would like to improve the condition.
Biological prophylaxis is also suitable for health-oriented patients who would like to prevent diseases from developing in the oral cavity.

Services of Biological Prophylaxis

During a biological prophylaxis, the dental situation is considered from a root-cause point of view and treated accordingly. The cleaning is gentle and atraumatic. When selecting the products used, we pay attention to use materials with the highest quality and best compatibility.

At the first appointment, a detailed anamnesis and examination is done by our dentists. During this examination, we consider the condition of your teeth, gums, bite and jaw joints, as well as your overall health.

We will also discuss your daily oral hygiene routine and discuss any possible mistakes.

Professional teeth cleaning is performed in such a way that the teeth and gums are not harmed.
Often, dental hygiene at the dentist can be very painful and traumatizing. For days afterwards, the gums can hurt and the teeth are sensitive. This is avoided by a careful and gentle procedure.

For a biological prophylaxis, we use products and materials that are biocompatible and do not harm the body and health.
Thus, we make sure that no harmful preservatives, surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium or aluminum compounds and fluorides are present in the products applied.

The oral bacterial flora determines whether the patient has or will have problems with their teeth.

If many harmful bacteria, for example caries bacteria or periodontitis bacteria, are present in the oral cavity, there will be pronounced destruction and corresponding problems with the teeth. As long as the bacterial flora in the mouth is not changed, the dental problems will persist.

Therefore, building up oral flora is very important because it is a root cause of dental issues. Therefore, in our biological prophylaxis we combine teeth cleaning with optimization of the oral flora.

Costs of Biological Prophylaxis for new patients

For new patients, the biological prophylaxis costs approx. CHF 550.

The appointment takes about 1 hour.

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