TMJ Diagnostics

CMD diagnostics

TMJ diagnostics are important to determine the extent of craniomandibular dysfunction (TMJ) and to carry out correct TMJ treatment.

Clinical TMJ Diagnosis

The most crucial aspect of TMJ diagnosis is the clinical examination conducted by an experienced specialist. This involves assessing the teeth, jaw joints, and the entire masticatory system, while discussing the causes of TMJ symptoms.

The clinical examination takes place during the TMJ consultation and serves as the foundation for the forthcoming causal therapy.

Instrumental TMJ Diagnosis

Using the jaw registration system Zebris, all movements of the lower jaw and the position of the upper jaw can be painlessly and precisely captured. This provides the experienced practitioner with additional valuable information that can influence the TMJ therapy. In the initial phase, a preliminary diagnosis can be established.

During the subsequent therapy with a specialized TMJ splint, the regeneration of the jaw joints is monitored. The final diagnosis of the healthy position of the jaw can be conducted once the regeneration process of the jaw joints is completed.

Dr. med. dent. Markus Spalek

Correct TMJ diagnosis is the prerequisite for successful treatment of TMJ. Our team is at your disposal.

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