Building up the Oral Flora

Build oral flora

For optimal oral health, it is necessary to build and sustain a healthy oral flora. This helps minimize issues such as cavities, periodontitis, or gum inflammation.

Oral Flora and Dental Health

Countless microorganisms inhabit the mouth and throat, collectively forming the oral flora. Depending on the composition of the oral flora, a healthy or diseased condition develops in the mouth. A healthy state is stable, with minimal or no destruction. A diseased condition in the mouth manifests as recurrent tooth decay, with progressive destruction and no improvement.

Healthy Oral Flora

An individual with a healthy oral flora exhibits no disease processes in the oral cavity. Each dental visit reveals a good and stable condition. Symptoms like tooth decay or bad breath rarely occur, even if oral hygiene is neglected for an extended period. Such individuals have an oral flora rich in beneficial bacteria (symbionts) and few pathogenic microorganisms.

Disturbed Oral Flora

A disturbed oral flora hosts a significant number of pathogenic microorganisms (typically anaerobic bacteria), disrupting oral health. Prolific growth of cavity-causing bacteria and periodontal pathogens can lead to corresponding diseases. Even with ideal dental care and dietary habits, new problems are identified at each dental visit as long as the composition of the oral flora remains unchanged. More information for new patients can be found under biological prophylaxis.

Building up Oral Flora in every Prophylaxis Session

During every prophylaxis session, oral flora should be built and optimized. In our dental practice, we always combine professional teeth cleaning with oral flora building.

After professional teeth cleaning, the entire oral cavity is disinfected with ozone and plasma, following the principles of Full Mouth Disinfection. This process eliminates harmful anaerobic bacteria while leaving beneficial bacteria untouched.

Dr. med. dent. Artur Hein

A healthy oral flora is the foundation for a healthy oral environment. Our team is ready to assist you.

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