Dental fillings

Dental fillings

A dental filling is a material that is placed in a tooth to replace the lost piece of the tooth. The most common reasons for dental fillings are tooth decay and tooth trauma caused by strong force or impact.
The most common, classic dental fillings are made of composite resin. Composite fillings have largely replaced the former amalgam fillings, which are long-lasting but toxic.
An alternative to composite fillings are ceramic fillings, which are better in terms of health and stability.

  • Amalgam Removal

    Old amalgam fillings can release a lot of mercury. Removal is advisable only under protection.

    Remove amalgam filling
  • Ceramic

    Ceramic fillings are long-lasting and have an ideal compatibility.

    Ceramic filling
  • Composite

    Composite fillings are a good choice for small dental defects.

    Plastic filling

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Fillings are made of different materials and can be a burden on your health. We will be glad to help you.

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