Dental Laboratory

In our dental laboratory, full ceramic dental restorations are made without compromise. Every dental prosthesis produced with the highest precision and stability. To meet this demand, we combine a wealth of experience in metal-free dental technology, with the most advanced production technology and the best materials for ceramic dental prostheses.

Perfect, natural aesthetics

Veneers and ceramic crowns in the front should blend in harmoniously with the row of teeth and should not be perceived as artificial. Our ceramic restorations are of the highest aesthetic craftsmanship and cannot be distinguished from a natural tooth. This way you can enjoy beautiful teeth that have the best biocompatibility.

Biocompatible Materials

All of our materials are selected with utmost care and extensively tested before use. In addition to quality, biocompatibility is also the top priority.

Many materials on the dental market are of poor quality and very questionable in terms of health. Through a precise selection, we do not want to make any compromises.

We are here to assist you

If you have questions about our treatment concepts, please feel free to contact us.