Biological Dentists

Our biological dentists have undergone the highest quality education and training as well as extensive clinical experience. All specialists have their own core competencies, which means that patients benefit optimally from the treatments offered.

This way, we cover all areas of biological dentistry ideally and guarantee the best possible result.

Dr. Rebekka Hueber

Specialist for Oral Surgery

St. Gallen
Dr. Rebekka Hueber Dentist St. Gallen
Dr. Tobias Steinherr M. Sc.

Specialist for Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants

St. Gallen
Dr. Tobias Steinherr Dentist St. Gallen
Dr. Markus Spalek

Specialist for Functional Therapy and CMD

Dr. Markus Spalek Dentist Winterthur
Dr. Josephine Phillips

Specialist for Oral Surgery

Dr. Josephiene Phillips Dentist Winterthur
Dr. Artur Hein

Specialist in Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants

Dr. med. dent. Artur Hein Dentist Winterthur

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