Composite filling

Plastic filling

Dental materials should not only be aesthetic, but also show good biological compatibility. Different monomers and co-monomers can be released from composite resins and have a toxic effect on the body.
Therefore, toxicity / compatibility should always be considered when choosing dental materials.
In our practice we use Saremco Green Line, a high quality Swiss product, which is free of BisGMA, BisphenolA, HEMA, TEGDMA and fluoride. We also use Admira Fusion from VOCO. This is a purely ceramic-based composite.
Furthermore, the composites are placed in small layers and thoroughly cured. The concentration of non-crosslinked monomers can thus be significantly reduced.

Dr. Tobias Steinherr M. Sc.

Composites can be used for small dental defects. However, for larger defects, ceramic fillings are an ideal choice.

Dr. Tobias Steinherr Dentist St. Gallen

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