A-PRF - Natural Wound Healing

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A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a method for creating an autologous wound dressing following dental surgeries. It serves to promote the regeneration and protection of the wound.

Production and Composition of A-PRF

Just before the surgery, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient, which is then centrifuged. This process takes place in a specialized centrifuge, where the rotational speed and duration are precisely adjusted. Through this process, the blood is separated into its components, with the heavy red blood cells pushed outward. The yellowish portion of the blood, which has a high concentration of platelets (for clotting) and white blood cells (for immune defense), forms the cellular base of the produced plasma membranes. Additionally, the membranes contain high concentrations of endogenous minerals, nutrients, hormones, and proteins.

Treatments where A-PRF is Beneficial

In general, A-PRF can be used in most dental surgeries. Procedures where A-PRF is particularly beneficial include:

Minimizing infections and complications after surgeries

The composition of essential cells and building blocks forms an ideal foundation for a stable fibrin scaffold, tightly adhering to the wound edges and providing no opportunity for infection.

The wound scaffold determines how the early healing phase will progress. If it detaches from the wound edges, a wound infection is highly likely, and complications are inevitable. The fibrin-rich A-PRF membrane adheres firmly and securely to the wound edges, offering maximum protection. Stem cells now enter the fibrin scaffold through the wound edges and transform the membrane into jawbone.

Advantages of the A-PRF Method

  • Complications after surgeries, such as pain, swelling, and inflammation, occur much less frequently.
  • The wound healing process is accelerated.
  • Bone regeneration is faster, and the bone remains dimensionally stable. Bone loss is prevented (socket preservation).
  • Completely autologous procedure without foreign materials.

Disadvantages of A-PRF

  • A blood draw is necessary before the surgery.
  • For optimal results, the personnel should be well-trained, understand the processes, and adhere precisely to all timings.

Dr. med. dent. Artur Hein

A-PRF can effectively improve wound healing and prevent pain after surgery. Please feel free to contact us.

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Frequently asked Questions about A-PRF

Many patients wonder why a blood draw is necessary before surgery. Here, we have prepared some questions and answers for you.

No, only the needle prick during the blood draw may be uncomfortable.

The production, including centrifugation, takes approximately 30 minutes.

You should eat and drink adequately before the surgery.

Further information

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