All on 4

All-on-4 is a dental concept for edentulous patients to anchor a fixed dental prosthesis on four dental implants. Only titanium is suitable for the material of the implants; a fixed All-on-4 is not possible with ceramic implants.

Procedure for All-on-4

Edentulous patients receive four dental implants in each jaw. A horseshoe-shaped dental prosthesis is firmly connected to the inserted implants with screws. The screwed prosthesis remains immobile anchored in the jaw and can only be removed by a dentist.


  • Lower costs, as fewer implants are used.
  • Shorter surgery duration compared to eight implants.
  • Bone augmentation can often be avoided due to the angled position of the implants and the prosthesis.


  • Only titanium implants can be used.
  • Unfavorable loading of the bone.
  • Bone resorption continues between the implants.
  • Food residues can remain under the prosthesis, affecting hygiene. Bad breath, gum inflammation, and peri-implantitis can be the result.
  • A gap between the fixed dental prosthesis and the gums can cause difficulties in speaking, and unwanted hissing may occur.
  • The horseshoe-shaped prosthesis blocks the entire jaw. Physiological movements in the area of the sutures are no longer possible.
  • Aesthetics are limited, and the restoration often looks unnatural.
  • The screwed prosthesis frequently leads to a foreign body sensation in the mouth.

Do we recommend the traditional All-on-4 concept?

No. In our opinion, the All-on-4 method has too many disadvantages for patients.

We do not offer this concept in our dental practice. To avoid the drawbacks and to provide a edentulous patient with a fixed restoration without compromises, a minimum of eight dental implants per jaw is required. Read more about All-on-8.

Even the All-on-6 concept is insufficient to achieve a permanently stable fixed solution with ceramic implants.

Alternatives to All-on-4

The choice of alternatives depends on whether the patient prefers a fixed or removable dental prosthesis. Generally, we recommend a permanently stable, fixed restoration in most cases.

  • A satisfactory fixed restoration for an edentulous jaw can only be achieved with a minimum of 8 implants per jaw. Read more about All-on-8.
  • A removable restoration with a dental prosthesis can be achieved with 4 to 6 ceramic implants.

Dr. med. dent. Tobias Steinherr M. Sc.

With the All-on-4 concept, four implants are used for your dental restoration. We are happy to show you the advantages and disadvantages.

Dr. Tobias Steinherr Dentist St. Gallen

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