Biological dentistry

Biological dentistry is a concept of modern dentistry that combines the principles of biology and focuses on strengthening health. The main components of Biological Dentistry include biocompatible materials and treatment of the cause of disease.

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Our concept of Biological Dentistry offers our patients a solution to various long-lasting health problems.

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Biocompatible materials

Biological dentistry is centered around the interactions of dental materials and the body, taking into account toxicity and effects on the immune system.

Dental materials are selected accordingly, in order to minimize the impact on the body.

At the same time, it is important that materials that are harmful to health (e.g. amalgam) are removed safely with strict protective measures.
This way, the toxic burden can be minimized and patients can experience an improvement in health.

Treating the cause of disease - Cause related therapy

Diagnosis and treatment of the cause of a disease or health issue is another essential aspect of Biological Dentistry. Most symptoms have one or more causes, which have to be found out. By knowing the cause, the treatment can start right away and bring about a lasting improvement.

Many symptoms originate in the oral cavity, where toxins and allergens strongly contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

An incorrect bite and incorrect position of the temporomandibular joints can also cause noticeable symptoms of TMD and massively affect the quality of life.

Our treatment concept

Our concept combines selected methods of biological dentistry, environmental dentistry, and classical dentistry. This integrative approach forms the basis of our treatments. All treatment steps are the product of years of experience and have been optimized with specialists in medicine, dentistry and dental technology.

In our treatment methods, biology and the health of the patient are always the top priority. The applied treatment techniques, materials and equipment used are selected in such a way that the body is stressed as little as possible.

In addition, we pay attention to longevity and that the patient can get natural and beautiful teeth. According to the motto: The way you would treat yourself or your family is the way we treat our patients.
With this fundamental basis, we will explain all treatment options in detail as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Together with the patient, our dentists work out a treatment plan that perfectly covers the patient’s needs.

Once the treatment and therapy is completed, the new situation and state should remain as stable as possible – for the rest of the patient’s life.


The treatments we offer combine biocompatible materials and effective methods to improve and strengthen your health in the best possible way.

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